Aquemini vs ATLiens, by @cerealoverrated

One of my favorite followers on Twitter, @cerealoverrated, decided to bless me with his point of view on the long discussed Aquemini vs ATLiens debate, and I couldn’t agree more.  

Which is a better album? Why? How did these albums impact the hip hop culture?
Aquemini is Outkasts 3rd studio Album, released on September 28th, 1998. 

Both albums are classic, first and foremost. And nothing shall be taken away from either album. With that said, Aquemini is the better album to me.

What gives it the edge, is the perfect blend of commercial and underground tracks. I feel that Andre and Big Boi started to hit their stride on this. It’s almost like they discovered themselves on this album. Tracks like “Return of the G” and “Y’all Scared” showcase their aggression and underground roots, like they are making their claim.The whole album opened my eyes to what creativity can display when executed the right way. 

Listen to the full album here, on Apple Music: Aquemini 

ATLiens is Outkasts second studio album, released August 27th, 1996. 

ATLiens is Outkast’s purest hip hop album. Strictly dope rhymes and beats. 

“Mainstream” is beautiful and the first 3 songs are impeccable because of the cohesiveness. “Elevators” is another one of my favorite all time songs. ATLiens came at a time when there was no lack of amazing music. Everybody was coming with their best, and Outkast came with something different. The extraterrestrial theme of the project encompassed not only the cover art, but the entire sound. It felt like E.T. meets everything: from gospel, to reggae, and more. And it worked. Perfectly. 

It also happened to be the duo’s venture into the production world. Outkast and Organized Noize put together a foundation for ATLiens that can stand all on it’s own. From a technical standpoint, the lyricism is impeccable and the mood the album sets is umatched, in my book. “Two Dope Boyz”, “Jazzy Belle“, “Elevators” and “Babylon” alone are four of the most amazing creations of art I know to exist. Both albums are certified double platinum, which in consideration of the time and content of the albums, speaks volumes.

Listen to the full album here, on Apple Music: ATLiens

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