Yesterday at  1:43pm ET, one of my favorite Twitter followers @Evaaaan_ sent me a DM that he would be starting a hashtag, #MixtapesThatDeserveGrammys. A ton of underrated, powerful, dope, and just straight up jammable mixtapes instantly popped into my head. 
 Even though I was at work, I immediately started tweeting from my desk. I knew I had to start with Big KRIT (my favorite, most slept on mc). Within minutes, my notifications were blowing up with RTs, Quotes, and Likes.  

By the end of the day, and about 30 mixtapes later, I began getting notifications from some of my followers tagging me in a post made by XXL MAG. Saying “hey @mikaarianna, didn’t you start this?”


 My first reaction was daaaaaaaamn XXL I can’t even get an @ ?!?!

So being my sassy, unapologetic self. damn right I tweeted back to them with the help of a few members of my Twitter family. 



About 18 hours later, early this afternoon, I got a DM from @vinayejr with a screenshot of the article, but this time I was mentioned in it!  My attitude actually worked lol 

It was my first (and hopefully not last) time making a huge Hip Hop media outlet and I was ecstatic. Right away, I knew I had to tweet about it:

But then I noticed, they stil left @Evaaaan_ out? 


Hopefully next time we’ll all get the credit we deserve!
If you’d like to visit the official XXL mag article, here’s the link: MixtapesThatDeserveGrammys

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