4 nights ago, TOP (Founder of TxDxE) @dangerookipawaa tweeted:

Everyone’s immediate reaction was to guess who was dropping. Jay Rock? Soulo?  Q? SZA?  Isaiah?

Twitter turned into a guessing game for a few hours. 

Later that night, Top tweeted a Single Cover with a link to a brand new ScHoolboy Q song, titled “GROOVY TONY”: 


The song immediately became hot news. Now that we’ve taken a few days to digest the song, here’s a Review of “GROOVY TONY” by @HecUr15

First and foremost, I’d like to acknowledge the fact that TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) as a label, is killing the rap game right now. 

With Kendrick leading the way, TDE is changing the game and bringing lyricism back to the forefront of rap. Schoolboy Q was second in line on the TDE roster to have a major label debut album with his 2014 effort “Oxymoron“. Now he is back with his new single “Groovy Tony“. 

This time around, Schoolboy is accompanied by in house TDE producer @TaeBeast


Tae is known for producing “Hood Politics”, “Ronald Reagan Era”, “Pineal Gland”, and as part of Digi + Phonics, they produced “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” from Kendrick’s album Good Kid, m.A.A.d city


Tae Beast also produced a couple other TDE tracks you may be familiar with, such as “Terrorist Threats” and “There He Go“. 

Listen below:

Terrorist Threats – Ab Soul

 There He Go – ScHoolboy Q 


Tae Beast did not let up with this one. He brought some of his best producing to the table, and created such a menacing beat to accompany Schoolboy’s lyrics. Q talks of robbery, drug dealing, and gang banging. The drums Tae used sound authentic – like the drums on Q’s “Raymond 1969″. The eerie synths in the background is what brings Q’s rhymes to life, along with the sampled female vocals in the background saying “blank face”.
Q opens up the track by saying:


Q doesn’t need an AK 47 to do the job. While others would just shoot an AK just spraying everything in sight, Q is more precise. He’s cool, calm, and collected while shooting; so he doesn’t need many bullets. 

Q stays true to his gang-banging roots with lines like: 


As well as

Obviously referring to his Hoover Crip roots.

Now let’s just get one thing straight.  If Q’s rapping doesn’t make you want to rob an old lady walking her Pomeranian in broad daylight; or kick a lemonade stand being managed by an innocent little 5 year old girl with pink bow ties in her hair, then you’re listening to it wrong. 

No – I’m not saying that his lyricism was exceptional; But Q painted a picture of crime in a way that made it seem cool. Crime isn’t cool, but you catch my drift. Much like how his “Raymond 1969” made us feel. He exemplified ignorance in its purest form, but in a wholesome way. Not your lean-sippin, pill-poppin, Bugatti-renting way. 


Overall, this song was the perfect way to start his promotion for his next album, along with dropping the video the same night. 

This version of Q is confident. We can tell that he is going to put forth whatever he feels like – and it’s still going to be hot; simply because everyone feeds off of thenenergy that he consistently  brings to his tracks.

 Fun fact:

If y’all didn’t know the reason why Q always capitalizes his H’s (on snapchat, Twitter, everywhere) here’s why:

Hiiipower X 

Hippy  X 

Hoover X

Heaven X

Hell = 

Everything ScHoolboy Q believes in. 


Follow @HecUr15 on Twitter for more Dope hip-hop opinions!


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