This morning, I woke up, rolled out of bed, I was feeling kind of down, so I picked up my phone to play my favorite song by Big K.R.I.T. (The Vent).

Listen to my go-to track here: Big K.R.I.T. – The Vent

After a few plays, my mood had done a 180. I realized that I cannot go a single day without listening to some K.R.I.T. His music feeds my soul. I couldn’t help but wonder who my followers cannot go a day without listening to, so I asked my Twitter fam:


Within minutes, my DM’s were overflowing with responses. Here are my favorite 10:

“I can’t go a day without listening to Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt. It’s more than just the music for me, but both of their vibes and lives helped me realize that it’s okay to be different. I used to get bullied hella bad in high school… and listening to both of them helped me say ‘fuck the world’, and just do me. They helped me realize that the genuine people that I need to be around will come. Also, I look like both of them niggas. And they music fucking bang. Tyler is a production genius, and Earl can rap circles around most of these niggas. They both don’t get the credit they deserve because they’re seen as ‘weird’.”

-Submitted via Twitter by: @KrispyKay_

Listen to his favorite go-to tracks here: Colossus -Tyler, The Creator; Mantra – Earl Sweatshirt

“Every day, I have to listen to MF DOOM. Other rappers like Earl Sweatshirt, Capital Steez, and Action Bronson, are good rappers to compare to him. Those are the rappers that remind me most of him, when it comes to the raw ability for them to just spit on the track about almost anything . I just miss that the period of time when it was really about the rap. Fuck what you look like, or what your previous struggles where. I want to hear the raps. None of that should define you. And it’s sad that the media makes it that way. That’s why I love DOOM. He wears a mask specifically to prove that point.”

Submitted via Twitter by @GQblk

Listen to his favorite go-to track here: Rhymes Like Dimes – MF DOOM

“I cannot go a single day without listening to J. Cole. His instrumentals have so much depth in them, and they really gives me chills and a sense of inspiration. His music really hits me in my soul. Especially what he raps about in his lyrics. It’s crazy how he has evolved so much from The Come Up to 2014 Forest Hills Drive. His lyrics make me aware of what goes around me – like any other conscious rapper – which makes him respectable. He also talks about his struggles, and how they made him a better person. I feel like his content could go out to anyone who’s dealing with a struggle, which makes him very relate-able. Can’t sleep on this dude, his music is like a best friend in a way, forreal.

Submitted via Twitter by @WindGrizzlyFlow

Listen to his fav go-to track here: Enchanted – J.Cole Feat. Omen

Big Pun is the one artist I cannot go a day without listening to. He was able to make hit after hit consistently, without sacrificing his lyrical skills. He is cited as an inspiration to most lyrical MCs, and he was able to rely heavily on multiple-syllable rhymes. He helped me get through my depression with his skill and his lyrical content. He was able to take the New York style and and master it like not many others were able to before him. It may seem like too much to for him to have such importance with the shortness of his career, however he was able to connect issues of the time. He touched many individuals, and I was one of them. R.I.P. Big Pun”

Submitted via Twitter by @RealWillyFly

Listen to his fav go-to track here: Capital Punishment – Big Pun

Chance the Rapper. Not because I’m a Chicagoan and all Chicagoans listen to Chance, but his music is universal to today’s youth, especially Chicago youth. His music is my go-to in any situation. His music is calming, yet gets me hype simultaneously. His lyrics can be both goofy, yet intricately genius at the same time, and I believe he is the current wordplay G.O.A.T. Years later, I still notice entendre’s that Chano dropped on 10-day. One can spend months on Rap Genius analyzing his lyrics. The production on his music is top-notch, some of the best I’ve heard. The Social Experiment, and the people from Kids These Days deserve a special shout-out for it. Chance’s instrumentals are the perfect combination of jazz, soul, gospel, and various hip-hop elements. His topics are just as diverse – from youth life in Chicago, to drugs and thuggin, to family, to school, to the life of success, to spirituality, and conscious views of the world. Chano nails it with clever rhymes and word usage. In my opinion, he is top 5 greatest rappers of all time due to his simple, yet complex music. And who knows how good he can be at his peak? We cannot even fathom. Chano is eons ahead of his time and out of this world. You just can’t go wrong with Chance. ‘Windows’ (feat. Alex Wiley), is my Chicago anthem. That song is literally about my high school days. From the sand in my shoes (s/o to Oak Street), from the free train rides (s/o to Polk Street), to the summer that Chicago Public Schools took away from us. Chance is rapping about me and thousands of other Chicago high school kids, and it fills me with heartfelt nostalgia.”

Submitted via Twitter by @WafflesShakur

Listen to his fav go-to song here: Windows – Chance the Rapper Feat. Alex Wiley

“I can’t go a day without listening Mick Jenkins. This dudes flow is already one of the greatest I’ve ever witnessed, and for him to be so young, I can’t wait to see how much better he can be. The way he puts lyrics together, his clever wordplay, to the grit and realness of his rhymes. He reminds me of another rapper who came out of Chicago, and made the game his personal playground. And that’s Kanye west. Mick Jenkins is making it. He’s got a long way to go, but he’s mad talented for someone so young.”

Submitted via Twitter by @Ayo_Domm

Listen to his fav go-to track here: Alchemy – Mick Jenkins

Kanye West is the artist I listen to daily. Something about Kanye inspires me to follow the person I am destined to be, inspires me to test my limits and, to just love myself. I started listening to Kanye when I was young, and I feel like listening to him for all these years I’ve been able to grow along side with him. His music could probably serve as the soundtrack to my life. His music tests boundaries, and his lyrics are real. The song ‘Everything I Am’ actually stopped me from suicide five years ago. I’m glad that my favorite artist hasn’t backed out in an industry that many flake in. I hope you all feel the same way about your favorite artist – and if you don’t, I hope you can find someone you can really fuck with.”

Submitted via Twitter (Anonymously)

Listen to Everything I Am – Kanye West here

“Despite constantly being criticized for his work, Kid CuDi is an artist that truly paints his heart and mind on his musical canvas. His battles with depression, addiction, and suicide has been portrayed on every single project; to show that even if you’re a superstar artist, he’s still only human and struggles with what you and I go through on a daily basis.”

Submitted via Twitter by @Zombiez000

Listen to his fav go-to track here: Immortal – Kid CuDi

“One artist I can’t go a day without listening to is Eminem. May sound pretty mainstream, but that’s just one voice I can’t function without hearing. Anywhere from SSLP to Infinite, even to Recovery. All of his music portrays different feelings. He has a song for every mood. And if ever I need a word of the day, i’m sure his music will provide that. He is the wordsmith God. As a fan of music and hip-hop in particular, his delivery and lyrics intrigue me so much. Although his music has aged, and he’s definitely not the same as he was in the early 2000’s, Eminem’s discography is a book; A book of rhymes – in every sense. One song I will NEVER get tired of hearing no mather (lmao) what mood i’m in – is Superman. Play that track to any rap fan, bet they won’t skip it.”

Submitted via Twitter by @GinAndJoss

Listen to her fav go-to track: Till I Colapse – Eminem

“The first thing I got hip to by Vince Staples was his debut album, Summertime ’06, and I loved it. Every time I listen to the tape, I get something new. It really showcased all of his talent, and I saw the same thing on his other tapes; like Hell Can Wait and Stolen Youth (actually listening to that as I write this). With Vince, he gives such a great inside look into his mindset, the world he grew up in, and the world he lives in. At times it seems he’s trying to show his intelligence and ideas through ignorance. One of his songs could seem like just another gangsta rap song, but when you listen a 2nd or 3rd time, he touches on the state of the hood, or the black community, or how things should be done to get better. For Example, ‘Jump Off The Roof’. At first, it just seems like a song about drugs and girls with a bunch of drums (at least to some). But when I listen and also pay attention to where the album has lead to at that point, I hear what he’s trying to say. I hear him trying to find control over drugs and love. I hear the pain when he just asks “so just hold my hand darling”. Then he just opens my mind to completely new ideas. In ‘Like It Is’, the interludes are him talking, and getting thoughts and ideas he had off his chest. He gives me a peek into his life and his mind set, and I find it to be genius, especially with the production and how the album led to it. It’s just hard to not listen to him all the time. I have Tidal, and Summertime ’06 is one of the few albums I have downloaded.”

Submitted via Twitter by @BurberryArmrest

Listen to his fav go-to track: Like It Is – Vince Staples

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