From the mind of Dom The Savage (@Ayo_Domm)
Aight pussy niggas, it’s time to lay some shit on the table.

So you gone read this shit, and not question a single sentence until the very end. Understood?

You niggas need to be put in your place, so I’m the perfect little light skin nigga to do it. I got a fade schedule so @Ayo_Domm if you want to make an appointment. Enough about checking you niggas, cause like NWA, I got something to say. (Soundcloud rapper, don’t mind me).

From this day forward, I want the Lil’ Wayne slander to come to a complete halt. I want it to come to a Kodak Black boppin’ SKRRRT halt.

When did it become cool to slander a living legend in the game? Yes, I said living legend.

Here’s just a short, concise list of all the work Weezy has put in:

-Discography full of classics.

-Worked with damn near every artist in the industry.

-Managed to stay completely and lowkey relevant for 20+ years.

-Has countless artists who thank him for his music which in turn made them want to become rappers.

-Claimed to be the best rapper alive for half a decade (maybe a full) and then showed proof.

-Brought you Drake – who birthed OVO, Tyga, (who showed us the funniest ways to take L’s).

-And even gave us Nicki Minaj, (who I may not be a fan of), but she has achieved global success.

So after this short list of broad accomplishments, you still think he’s a bum don’t you? That’s cause you a bitch who can’t formulate their own opinion … but I’ll expand a little more since y’all might be a little slow. And you probably thinking right now, why am I reading something that keeps lowkey disrespecting me? 

Well the answer, is because a real nigga told you to keep reading. Now continue on homie.

When I say “Hot Boys”… what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 400 Degreez? Cash Money takin over for the ’99 and 2000s? Call me big daddy when you back that ass up? Ugh I like it like that? This is where Wayne bursted on to the scene – as a fresh faced, bandana-wearing teen, in the late 1990s. Yes, you read that right. Lil Wayne has been around, and been legit, for 20+ years.

The Hot Boys, which consisted of Wayne, Juvenile, B.G. and Turk, managed by Birdman (Brrrrr *hand rubs*) was the new hood group in the game.


Cash Money Hot Boys

Alhough he had mild success before joining, Juvenile was the head of the gritty, X-rated, not for television Hot Boyz. To give you a little background – they dropped Guerilla Warfare a few years after their start, and this is where the South was making the most noise since Geto Boys and Outkast.


Hot Boys – Guerilla Warfare (Released July 27th, 1999)

After a few years of being the biggest group at the time, the group disbanded, because Birdman didn’t respeck the members of the group, except Wayne. Years later, Wayne would end up leaving as well, but the Hip-Hop group was no more. Juvenile, and BG lowkey, faded off the scene. Turk had been imprisoned for some actual gangster shit, leaving Wayne as the sole member of Hot Boys.


After serving 9 Years in prison, original Cash Money Hot Boy (Turk) was released in 2012. He was sentenced in 2004 for his involvement in a Memphis shootout with SWAT, that left 2 officers injured.

So now you have an 18 year old kid, (Wayne), with a previous number one album… with a group of grown men far more known than he was…. was a solo career possible?

At the beginning of 2000, Wayne, without a doubt, proved the he could do it on his own. My dawg dropped “Tha Block Is Hot”. We Stevie blind to the slander. Wayne, in the gritty, raspy, voice we know and love; had become an overnight solo rap star.


Lil Wayne – Tha Block Is Hot (Released November 2nd, 1999)

Listen to the whole tape here: Tha Block Is Hot – Lil Wayne


With what I considered to be one of the greatest twerking tracks ever; Wayne had your mom, and all your aunts, dropping it like it was hot. If your girl hasn’t sent you a nude video of her twerking to “Drop It Like It’s Hot”then let’s be real… you ain’t got the juice fam.

But as we all know; with success, comes failure. You know you a real Wayne stan, when you’ve heard the album “Lights Out”. If you have never heard it, you really are better off than most. In my opinion, it is by far one of the biggest flops after a debut album in the history of Hip-Hop. Yes, it was really that bad. The album just recently went gold after a decade, so that should really let you know how bad it is.


Lil Wayne – Lights Out (Release December 19th, 2000)

Was Wayne really going to fade into obscurity after having the great debut album he did? The answer is: hell to the fuck nah.

My nigga went back to the drawing board, and became a consistent wrecking ball of Rap. Wayne came back on to the scene, destroyed the game single-handedly, and easily earned the right to dub himself “The Best Rapper Alive”.

Again, Wayne dropped what would be the first classic of his series, “Tha Carter” and instantly became un-slanderable.

Lil Wayne – Tha Carter (Released June 29th, 2004)

The fact that I get bitch niggas in my mentions from time to time, tryna claim that Wayne not a GOAT, is laughable.


After reclaiming the throne, Wayne then dominated the early 2000’s, E-A-S-I-L-Y.

He crowned himself as the “King of The Mixtape”. From the Dedication series, to the undoubtedly classic Drought series, to No Ceilings, to The Drought Is Over series, Wayne had everyone stepping their mixtape-game up. He went against the grain, and gave us so much free music, niggas didn’t even know how to act.

“Dedication” Series 


“The Drought Is Over” Series

Wayne then dropped a few more classic albums: Tha Carter II,  Tha Carter III, and Like Father, Like Son. He was slated to be the Hip-Hop icon of the 2000’s. If you don’t believe he was the best rapper throughout the early to mid-2000’s, along with Kanye West, you can go ahead and snuff yourself right now. The world is a little too crowded anyway. And do me a favor before you go, PayPal me what’s in your bank account (even though I’m sure it’s not much) because I can use it a lot more than you can after you’re gone, scrub. But again, what goes up, must surely come down. This is synonymous with Newton’s 3rd law. By the time Tha Carter 4 was dropping, people had fallen out of love with Wayne, and many had no answer as to why.

“His music is trash, he isn’t even saying anything”

We’re going to start right here, because I fucking hate this excuse. What the fuck does this even mean? Rap music and Hip-Hop in general has NEVER been solely about lyrics. Yes, Wayne a punchline rapper, but how does that take away from him making such fuck-wittable music? It’s supposed to make you move, make you feel, or just make you want to dance your ass off. Wayne did all of those things.

“He says the same thing in all his music”

Your music should be reflective of your life, correct? Or else that would make you a fake ass nigga, correct? If snorting dope, sippin’ lean, fucking models, and partying, are events you partake in on a daily basis, why wouldn’t you rap about it? This man was claiming to “get money”, and his 150+ million dollar net worth clearly shows that. Of course most his fans couldn’t relate to it, but to know that he made the life that most of us want to live (for himself), made us feel like we could also achieve the same type of super-stardom.

“He’s corny. All he spits is punchlines and baby bars”

Listen up, wanna-be “Hip-Hop heads”. Every rap song does not have to be a conscious, macro-social, civil injustice, lyrical piece of literature. Sometimes it’s good to branch out, and just vibe. Wayne laid the blueprint for one of the greatest rappers of all time, Thugger Christ, our modern day lord and savior of the rap game (If you follow me on Twitter you know I’m a fake troll for Thug, chill out I know he trash).

Wayne perfected his rap flow. The way he could effortlessly put any words together, and turn it in to fire, is second-to-none. I will not debate this with anyone, and only a goofy head ass nigga would argue against it.

But sometime in the last 5 years, it became a trend to hate the man that probably laid the foundation for your favorite rapper.


Oh, You don’t believe me?


“The rap game has to save itself. Everybody’s saving it, People like Lil Wayne is saving it. He’s bringing energy to it.” From one GOAT to another, -Andre 3000


“Lil Wayne is one of the greatest of all time. Wayne is still fun. Are we forgetting that Wayne made everybody switch their flow up? Are we forgetting Wayne changed Hip-Hop too? This is a guy who went from fucking being the youngest underdog in his crew, to saving his company and saving his ‘Daddy’. I’m not a fucking Lil Wayne dickrider, I’m just stating facts.” (Paraphrased)  –A$AP Rocky


“Wayne is one of my biggest inspirations because Wayne’s got an unprecedented work ethic.” –Busta Rhymes


“Lil Wayne still my favorite rapper. I’m in NOLA right now. God Bless Lil Wayne. Greatest Rapper Alive to this day” – Chance The Rapper


“He stepped up his rap game so he deserves the success he had. And no one else was even doing near what he was doing so I applaud him.” –DJ Premier


“Wayne puts out a new song and my ears perk up. There are certain artists that make me do that, just because of the caliber that they rhyme at; it’s like candy to me” –Eminem


“These guys out here copying Lil Tunechi style so much, it’s so blatant. Do they even know who style they using? #maybenot” – Jay Electronica


“I learned from that dude, a lot of niggas need to learn from that nigga man. No lie, when we went to the studio at 2 in the morning that nigga was in the studio until 2 the next day. The nigga go hard man, that goes to show you he got love for the game man” – Jay Rock



“I think Wayne is the number one rapper in the world” – Kanye West


“Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper of all time” – KRS-One


“Lil Wayne said ‘I’m the best rapper alive’ and he murdered everything that he did, until he stopped proclaiming that he was the best rapper alive” –Lupe Fiasco


“Lil Wayne top 5 ever, shut up” – Vince Staples


I could keep up these quotes all day. I’ll give you one last quote, by quite possibly the biggest voice in Hip-Hop right now, and if this doesn’t shift your perspective of why you should put respeck on his name, then I don’t know what will.

Kendrick Lamar, word for word, said:

“I go all the way back to the Hot Boys days, and being 13, listening to this dude. Just remembering the staple he put on the game back then, all the way to now. To have that longevity, years beyond it. So for him to actually acknowledge what I’m doing right now, and seeing it as a path… to share that same stage, and a moment with him. Wayne ain’t no new-jack to this game. He influenced a lot of styles, and a lot of sounds. I would say I was influenced by that certain sound, flow, and cadence that he brought to the game. Lil Wayne is the greatest. Not only because of his music but also because of the culture he put behind it.” –Kendrick Lamar


Everybody has paid their respect to the GOAT at least once in their lifetime. Wayne made everybody want to rap. Especially all of these 90’s babies.

You still aren’t convinced Wayne isn’t a Top 10 rapper of all time? Have a cup of bleach fam. What more do you need me to say? That he inspired almost ALL of your favorite rappers? That he managed to stay relevant for years in game that spits and recycles more “artists” than it could handle? Or maybe I should bring up how his name is synonymous with greatness because there is no way you won’t listen to anything he drops?



I could go on forever about how Wayne created his own lane in this game, and never changed. I could bring up how he wanted to venture and put a little rock into his music, and innovate himself instead of sticking to the same sound. I could bring up how he, whether you like their music or not, thrusted Drake and Nicki Minaj into the GLOBAL spotlight. I could also bring up how at one point, everybody, (even you) wanted to be like Lil Wayne – in some fashion.


I could bring up that without Wayne, there would be no Jay Rock and more importantly, no T.D.E. There would be no Black Hippy. No Kendrick Lamar. No ScHoolboy Q. No Ab-Soul. No Isaiah Rashad. No SZA.

Main members of Top Dawg Entertainment
We would not have our modern day GOAT without Lil Wayne. If this sounded like dick riding to you, well it is because the slander is highly unnecessary.

He’s paid his dues to the rap game. He’s paid his dues to the culture. He’s paved the way for countless artists. He has shown why he went by “The Best Rapper Alive”. He’s given you countless projects, and probably one of the most extensive discographies in Hip-Hop History. He’s given you what it means to succeed as a black man, in any form of the word, in the Hip-Hop industry.

Lil Wayne is an idol, and his name should have the most respeck on it. Word to Birdman.


Whether you want to call him Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., Lil Wayne, Lil Tunechi, Young Mula Baby, Big Money Weezy, Birdman Jr. (Brrrrrr), Dr. Carter, Lil Carter, Weezy, Weezy F. Baby, or just Wayne; one thing you have no choice but to call him – is an icon.

So the next time you think about slandering Lil Wayne, picture a nine and half Timbaland boot curb-stomping your teeth out before you ever trash my dawg Wayne name, or career. And if this couldn’t convince you, then you a bitch ass nigga and my fade calendar looking mighty empty nigga, pull up. My location on.


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Here’s some of my thoughts on Wayne:


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