The following is a piece on #BlackLivesMatter written by one of my favorite followers, @emdoubleaye78

Firstly, I think all ignorance should be addressed, and dismissed, before I continue.

YES. More whites are killed by police annually than any other race.

BUT, look at the POPULATION of Whites compared to all the other races in the United States.

Go check out the data for yourself, google the term “per capita”. I’m not about to get into numbers. Stop using that argument.

Although this police brutality and racism problem has been ongoing since before I was even born, recent events have sparked serious outrage across the Country. For those who haven’t heard, two more black men were gunned down in cold blood last week. Two more fathers, brothers, and sons, turned into hashtags.


Yes, there were others. A white man, four Hispanics, and five Dallas police officers. But the lives of the two black men being taken started it all. The Black Lives Matter movement has surfaced again, as it always does when more of our brothers and sisters are murdered by “law enforcement”. And just like last time the Black Lives Matter movement became relevant, the #AllLivesMatter advocates resurfaced as well….



Why is it so hard for people to understand the Black Lives Matter movement?

Why is it so hard to see an entire race suffering?


Saying “All Lives Matter” intentionally undermines the people of color’s effort, emotions, initiative, and completely ignores the poor treatment of African American’s across the U.S. Of course “all lives matter”, even the millions supporting BLM agree with that. But currently, people of color are being slain by the ones sworn in to “protect and serve”, at a disproportionate rate. Black people are being treated as less than human, quite honestly.



There was a video that surfaced last year, of a black male being shot several times on his front porch, in front of his family.

For one quick second, lay your white ideas and beliefs down, and tell me that’s okay.

How can you watch a whole race be treated as second-class citizens, and continue to press for white pity?

If white people were being treated the same way as blacks, there would be a WhiteLivesMatter movement, they would have rallies and protests. Instead, they create AllLivesMatter as a rebuttal, because God forbid people should be worried about any other race.


Black men and women have been hurting for hundreds of years, constantly being tormented by the government, racists, and just about everyone. And you still want to push aside their movement so you can get your two cents in?

It’s sickening.

This is bigger than just a problem with police tactics, or institutionalized racism. This is about LIFE. There needs to be change, and it starts within communities. The whole idea of “Race” was ignorant ideology created to distance and separate the Whites from all other minorities. What makes a white man so different from a Latino, or Indian, or Asian? Other than Skin color? (which there’s no “race” gene in your DNA for anyway).

Stop shouting that whites have it just as bad, because not once have I seen a white man murdered while selling CDs, or reaching for his I.D.

Enough is enough. Leave the AllLivesMatter bullshit at home, and support our brothers and sisters who are hurting right now.




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